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How to Submit a Support Ticket
How to Submit a Support Ticket

Remix uses Zendesk to manage support requests. Below is an overview of ticket fields with guidance on how Remix users can fill out a ticket

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Remix support is just a click away. If you have a question or need help with a project, you can quickly fill out a support ticket. We recommend submitting a ticket directly through the Remix platform for the best experience, but you can also submit through this link - read on for more guidance on how.

Submit Directly From the Platform

The easiest way to fill out a ticket is directly through the platform. Simply navigate to the three dots in the top right corner of your screen and click on “Contact Us.”

You can also access the "Contact Us" option from the Remix platform homepage by clicking on the Account profile icon.

This will pull-up a support ticket with many of the fields pre-filled. If the email, organization, and Remix project link fields are not automatically populated, please fill them in yourself. You should use your agency email, the name of your agency, and copy the URL of the project you are working on, if applicable.

Next, you will choose your request type from the dropdown menu and complete the remaining fields. The "Urgency" field is not required but will help us understand the severity of your request. Please provide as much information as possible in the description field - the more details you can provide, the faster we’ll be able to get back to you with a resolution. You can find more information on each request type below.

Request Types

Create or Remove Accounts (Users)

Whether adding or removing users, please provide their full name and email address.

New Transit Data GTFS

If you have an updated GTFS file, select this option and drop the file in the Attachments section. If your agency hosts GTFS on a public link, we can automatically import your GTFS whenever it updates. If you’d like to set this up, include the link in the description box.

Additionally, now you can now publish GTFS directly to Google. Learn more about GTFS Publisher here - and use this “New Transit Data GTFS” option to reach out and request we enable this feature.

New Transit Data - other formats

If you don’t have a GTFS feed, we can also upload your transit route alignments if you have that data in KML or shapefile formats.

New Data Layer

Remix includes many out-of-the-box data layers, but if your agency has other ridership, origin-destination, movement counts, high definition aerials, or other point or boundary layers, use this option to send it to our data team for upload into the platform. Be sure to check out these articles on custom data specifications (file types and metadata, Remix data specs). Also check out this article on self-serve data to learn more about how you can upload files yourself. Data Specifications (ridership, OD, collisions, movement counts, high def aerials

New feature request

Use this option to provide feedback on the platform or request new features.


If you notice some incorrect or unexpected behavior in the platform, you might have found a bug. Use the description field to provide as much detail as you can, including your Remix map link. It is not required, but you can also include any screen captures in the attachments section.

Remove Layers

Have a custom layer that is out of date or want to delete? Let us know the name of the layer and our team will remove it for you. If you’d like to replace a layer, also provide us with the new dataset in the attachments section.

Remove Agency

Do you have historic GTFS or multiple transit service periods in Remix and want to remove one? Select this option and let us know which date or time period to delete.

New user or refresher training

Good news! We’ve launched a new series of virtual product training sessions that will keep you up to speed with new Remix features and capabilities. Attend live sessions, or watch previous sessions on-demand at our new Remix Learning Hub.

General product question

Have a product question not covered by the other topics? Let us know which product/s and use the description field to explain your question.

What Happens After You Click “Submit”

As soon as you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email letting you know we received it. If you have any additional details or questions, you can respond directly to the email you will receive. Our support teams will immediately get to work on answering or escalating your request.

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