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Learn the in’s and out’s of project organization and how to navigate the Remix Homepage

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Get your ideas off the ground quickly, right from the homepage. On Remix's homepage, you are just a click away from accessing your data and starting to explore an idea. You can also access your projects to pick up right where you left off.

For tips on using Remix Explore, checkout this help site article.

Tutorial Video

Check out this brief tutorial video on how to navigate the Remix homepage and create new projects and folders, or refer to the guidance that follows.

Project and Folder Sidebar

All of your projects and folders are available in the Remix Sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Project types are distinguished by a simple product icon in the upper-left hand corner of each project card.

Product modules are indicated by the icons on the top-right hand corner of each project card. Transit projects contain a van icon or schedule icon for users with an On-demand Planning license and/or Scheduling license. Hover over the icons for more information.

You can filter, sort and search projects and folders from the Homepage.

Note: Projects that are filed into folders can be found by navigating to the folder or by searching for the project by name. Once a project is filed into a folder, it will not appear on the homepage as a single file.

You can choose to display your projects and folders in a grid view or list view.

You can click the search icon to reveal the search bar where you can start to type the name or place you're interested in.

You can pin a project or folder to the top of your homepage by hovering over the top-left hand side of the project or folder card and clicking on the pin icon. Click on the pin icon again to remove the project or folder from the pinned section. The pinned section remains the same throughout the homepage, regardless of whether you are in the All, Folders, or Projects tab.

You can remove a project or folder, that is shared with you, from your homepage view. This will not delete the project or folder, it will simply remove it from your view. If you access the project or folder again (via a link shared with you) it will reappear on your homepage.

Adding Projects to Folders

You can add a new project to a folder by clicking on the “New” menu inside of your folder. Folder owners and commenters can add new projects to the folder.

You can move an existing project, that you own, into any folder for which you are a folder owner or commenter.

Note: You can only move projects that you own into folders for which you are the folder owner or folder commenter. If you are a folder viewer, you cannot add or remove a project that you own into that folder. You would need to ask the folder owner for ownership or commenter permissions first.

Sharing & Permissions


Open up a project and then click on the “Share” button in the top-right hand corner of the page. You can invite project collaborators by email or by sharing a link to the project. You can indicate their level of permissions, and update those permissions at any time. You can also transfer ownership of a project to another collaborator.

  • Owner: the project owner can make edits to the project, add new collaborators, transfer ownership of the project, and delete the project.

  • Commenter: the project commenter can open the project, view and add comments, and share the project with other commenters and viewers.

  • View: the project viewer can view the project and share the project with other project viewers.

For more information about sharing projects, check out this help site article.


Open up a folder and then click on the “Share” button in the top-right hand corner to access the “Folder Share Menu”. You can invite folder collaborators by email or by sharing a link to the folder. Use the Folder Share Menu to adjust collaborator permissions, transfer ownership of a folder, or delete the folder.

  • Owner: the folder owner can move projects they own into the folder, and they remove any projects from the folder. They can also invite folder collaborators and transfer ownership of the folder.

  • Commenter: folder commenters can move projects they own into and out of the project folder. They have commenting access to all projects within the folder.

  • Viewer: folder viewers can view all projects within the folder. Viewers cannot add or remove projects to the folder.

Deleting a Project or Folder

Project Deletion

You can delete a project from the homepage by clicking on the "..." menu on the project card.

You can also delete a project by opening the project, and clicking on the "..." menu.

At this time, a project can not be recovered from the homepage once it is deleted. If you accidentally delete a project, you can contact the Remix team for support.

Folder Deletion

You can delete a folder from the folder card on the homepage:

You can also delete a folder by opening the folder and clicking on the "..." menu:

When you delete a folder, all projects within the folder will become unfiled and return back to your homepage. Projects inside folders will not be deleted when you delete a folder.


From the homepage, you can access self-service data layers, your notifications, user settings, and account info.

User Settings

You can access user settings at the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Projects sidebar.

Project settings allow you to select the default location for all new projects. Setting a default location allows you to create projects faster.

  • For Streets projects, it takes only one click to create a new project: New project will now take them directly into the project. Users can update the title in the navigation bar in the project.

  • For Transit projects, users just need to confirm they have the Agency they want for this project, and click Create.

  • Consultants or users who work across multiple cities should leave this set to the second option: select a location for all new projects. With this setting on, clicking New project will always open the project card that allows users to enter the project city.

The default is set to select a location for all new projects. This is the current behavior, and users will always see a project card where they can update the project location.

Account Information

Click the Account icon for quick access to the Help site, a direct link to email the Remix team for help and to Log out of Remix.

Return to the Homepage and Project Sidebar

To return to the homepage from within any part of Remix, click the Remix icon in the top left-hand corner. This will allow you to access other projects using the Project Sidebar or the data functionality of Explore by interacting with the map.

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