Island Advanced Editing

Users can now more accurately model complex protected intersections, channelized turns, and roundabouts with the ability to advanced edit island street elements!

Users can control the placement and style of control points and edges of islands. Because islands are not subject to the constraints of the underlying road network, island advanced editing provides a high degree of flexibility in the drawing of arbitrary shapes within the right of way.

Users can enter advanced editing mode in one of two ways:

  1. Select an island and clicking the "advanced editing" icon in the bottom toolbar

  2. Double-click on top of the island

After doing so, they will be presented with a view showing control points and edges that determine the shape and style of the island.

Users can add, delete, move, and round (with a specified radius) island control points. Users can move, split, and update the edge type (linear, S-curve, arc), color (yellow, white, gray, no color), and style (solid, wide solid).

Together, these capabilities provide the user with fine-grained control over the rendering of islands.

Islands as a General Shape Tool

Island street elements were built to model the medians and space between lanes used for traffic control. However, users may use islands as a general shape tool since it gives them the ability to add any shape with all of the Remix Streets paint colors and textures to the map.

Island Dimension labels

Users will see a dimension label appear when they drag one of the edges or corners of an island. The dimension label will be displayed alongside the cursor in the direction they are stretching the island, taking into account the rotation of the island and the rotation of the viewport.

All island dimensions are rounded to the nearest half-foot (for imperial projects) or tenth of a meter (for metric projects).

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