In-App Notifications & Mentions make it easier to know what might require your attention in Remix.

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When will you receive notifications?

When there's a new...

  • Project shared with you: somebody sends you a project invitation

  • Comment: somebody posted a comment on your project

  • Reply: somebody replied to a comment thread you're in

  • Mention: somebody mentioned/tagged you in a comment

  • Ownership transfer: somebody made you the owner of a project

Notifications menu

This menu is where you'll find your notifications. It is accessible at anytime from either the homepage or the project view.

You'll see the same set of notifications, whether you open it from the homepage or a project.

Unread notifications

When you have unread notifications, a red badge will appear, indicating the number of unread notifications. When you open the menu, it will highlight unread notifications in blue.

The Unread tab filters the list to show only unread notifications.

Note: Notifications become automatically read when you open the associated content separately from it. For instance, if you directly open the link of a project shared with you, that will mark the associated notification as read.

Mark as read/unread

When you hover a notification, the option to "Mark as read" will appear:

To mark all notifications as read, click the gear icon and select "Mark all as read":

Email notifications

You will receive email notifications as well as in-app notifications. However, in cases where Remix is open at the time you receive a new notification, you will not receive an email for that notification so that your email inbox is spared.


In a comment, use @mentions to tag collaborators and send them a notification about your comment.

To start, you can either use the @ keyboard key or click this button:

Then, type the first and/or last name of the person you'd like to mention and corresponding results will appear:

After selecting someone, the mention will become part of your comment:

Note: You can mention as many people as you'd like in a single comment.

Once the comment is posted, the notification gets sent to those mentioned in real-time both via email and in their notification menu in Remix.

Who can be mentioned?

People in your organization, people already invited to the project, and people from external organizations you previously invited to a project .

Can I mention someone who's not in the project?

Yes, if you're the project owner, always. Collaborators can too, as long as the sharing settings allow them to invite or mention. This is the default setting for collaborators.

Mentions will always invite people to the project.

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