You have full freedom and flexibility to concept design intersections with the new intersections advanced editor. This will allow you to sketch:

  • curb extensions within an offset intersection

  • multi-radii corners

  • more accurate sidewalk shapes: edit inner and outer corners independently

  • simple roundabouts

To get started,

  1. Click on an intersection

  2. Click on any corner or lane connection

  3. Click on the "Advanced edit mode" icon in the toolbar:

After opening the editor, you can click on a lane line or curb line:

You will see the line editor with different line type options:

  1. Linear edge - straight lines

  2. S-curve - a curve that is used to model curved tapers and transitions

  3. Arc - a curve used to model asymmetrical corners or oval-like curves

You can update the radius of a curve by clicking on the rounded curb line and updating the radius.

There are two ways to update the radius:

  1. Update the radius number in the toolbar above

  2. Drag the diamond-shaped handle

Learn more about how to sketch advanced corners, lane connections, and simple roundabouts here:

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