Transportation planning requires collaboration from a large number of stakeholders, which is why we've added project sharing enhancements in Remix Transit and Remix Streets:

Project Invitations

You can now choose who should get access to your project by inviting them.

How to invite people

1. Click on the share button

2. Start typing right away, or click the invite search field

3. As you type the name or email of the person you'd like to invite, Remix will auto-suggest results

You can invite several people at once, just continue searching and adding people

4. Select which role you'd like to assign to your invitees

5. Optionally, you can add a message that will be sent as part of the invitation email

6. Click on Invite to send, and that's it! The people you invited will then appear on a list

Link sharing

Sharing your project via a Remix link will continue to work the same way it always has, but you now have a few extra settings to use at your convenience.

Create View-only links

By default, links give Commenter access. But you can decide to share the view-only access link as well: people with that link will be able to view your project, but won't be able to post any comments.

1. Click on settings

2. Choose the Viewer option

3. The link is now configured to give Viewer access only. Just click copy link and send it

4. When people open the link, they'll get the Viewer role and appear as such in the list

Disable link sharing

If you'd like your project to remain confidential, you can disable link sharing as follows:

1. Click on settings

2. Choose "Only people I have invited"

3. The copy link button is now disabled, and only people invited will be able to access the project as collaborators

Note: if the public view of your project is enabled, people will still be able to access that.

Public sharing

Sharing your Remix project publicly now comes with new possibilities as well.

Make public comments visible to anyone

Previously, public comments could not be seen by others. While this will remain the default setting, there's a new option to open it up and allow anyone to see all the public comments (not internal comments). Here's how:

1. Within the share menu, click public settings

2. Choose "Post and view comments"

3. Done! With this setting, the public comment form will be visible to anyone

4. When public comments are visible to anyone, they show on the map and on the comments panel

Allow public replies

When the public view is set to "Post and view comments", the project owner can decide to enable anyone from the public to reply to comments, by checking this setting:

Public replies show the same comment form as public comments:

Public replies create a comment thread:

Require name and email

Another new setting is to require public view users to leave their name and email when they post a comment or a reply. The comment form can simply not be submitted if these are not provided:

New permission: Commenters can view public comments by default

Collaborators logged into Remix (not public users) and invited as Commenters to your project, either via invitation or link, will be able to see public comments. That is a new permission assigned to Commenters by default.

If you'd like collaborators to not see them, you can assign them the Viewer role, or make you project only accessible to people invited and do not invite them to your project.

Disable public sharing

Remix projects have always had their public view enabled by default and this remains the default.

However, project owners can now disable the public view. To do so, just open the public settings and check this option:

Ownership transfer

As the project owner, you can now make another Remix user an owner. By doing that, you'd become a Commenter on the project. If you need to become the owner again, the new owner needs to transfer ownership back to you by following the same steps.

1. Within the share menu, click on the role dropdown next to the person's name. Then choose this option:

2. You'll be prompted to confirm the transfer

3. That's it! Your page will automatically refresh with your new access level as a Commenter


Project Invitations FAQ

Can I invite people without Remix accounts?

Yes! If the recipient email isn't associated with an existing Remix account, the invitation can still be sent as long as the public view of the project is enabled. The recipient of the invitation will receive the public view link.

In such cases, this message will show in the invitation form

And the invitees will show as Guests in the list as follows:

In case the public view is disabled, you'll be prompted to enable it first in order to send the invitation:

Can I revoke an invitation and/or change people's role?

Yes, simply click their role and you'll be able to switch their role, or remove access.

How do invitation search results work?

Link sharing FAQ

What does anyone with a Remix account mean?

Remix links have always worked for people who are registered with Remix, even when they're outside your organization. That means that if you send a link to a peer city that also has Remix, they'll be able to open it.

This continues to be true, but you now have more options to change the link settings as you see fit.

Can I still copy the project link from the browser address bar?

Yes, you can still copy the link from the browser bar and it'll continue to work as it always has - the link copied from there will always be the same as the one copied when you click on the Copy link button.

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