This article describes how many drive lanes are drawn, by default, after clicking on a block in Remix Streets.

Remix uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) to determine the street network. Streets can be added or removed using the Remix Street Grid Editor. Each street may have OSM metadata describing the number of drive lanes that are present on that block. Remix uses the following tags to determine how many drive lanes to draw and in each direction:

  • 'lanes' - the total number of lanes on the street

  • 'cycleway=lane' - indicates the street contains a bike lane. When present, Remix adds a bike lane to the default lane configuration. Note - 'cycleway=track' and 'highway=cycleway' are not used by Remix to determine the default lane configuration.

If the 'lanes' tags do not contain values for a given street, then we use the following lane configuration templates instead. These templates are different depending on the road class.

Road Class = Motorway - highway or freeway

Default Lane Configuration:

Road Class = Trunk - high-speed arterial

Default Lane Configuration:

Road Classes = Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Residential (everything from interstate business routes to minor residential streets)

Default Lane Configuration:

2-way streets:

1-way streets:

We assume a street is one-way if it includes the 'oneway' OSM tag.

For more information about how to update OSM metadata tags, review this Remix help article.

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