Sometimes called "utilization", average trips per vehicle per day is used to get a sense of how many trips one vehicle provides to riders over a select period of time. This statistic has been used for docked bike share systems and is now being tested as a metric for dockless mobility options. It helps paint the picture of how often a community is using the mobility options; however, it's a sensitive balance between supply and demand so this statistic should be viewed as one piece of the puzzle. A "good" or "bad" utilization rate is still up for debate. 

Utilization can be found in Remix here: 

Remix takes the total number of trips within a day (24 hours, midnight to midnight) divided by the average fleet size within that day. We then average this utilization number over the selected time period like the past week or past month. The statistic does take unresponsive vehicles into consideration which is set to two days and can be seen in Remix Settings.

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