Yes, cities can work with their Customer Success Manager (CSM) to add custom data to the Remix platform. Remix has developed a process that enables users to visualize various formats of geospatial data within the platform. This process is constantly evolving and expanding in terms of capabilities, but Remix has been successful displaying the data formats below. Please note, not all datasets are created equal and the quality and “cleanliness” of the the data provided play a large role in the platform’s ability to successfully display such data. Here are the formats and some of the most common layers used in conjunction with our street design and mobility management product: 

Polygon and Line Based Data

  • Shapefiles/KMLs can be imported to be used as a map layer (think property parcels, municipal boundaries, council districts, right-of-way masks or existing and future bicycle networks) 

Right-of-way or curb-to-curb masks in Eugene, Oregon

Existing bicycle network in Montgomery County, Maryland

Disadvantaged communities for dockless mobility equity distribution in Los Angeles, California

Road impact fee districts in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Point Based Data

  • Data from a spreadsheet that can be attributed to a point with latitude and longitude coordinates or point based shapefiles/KMLs can now be visualized in Remix. The most popular point based data we see for street design are unmovable objects like culverts, manholes, sewers, utility poles, trees, and fire hydrants. 

Unmovable objects in Eugene, Oregon

Interactive Collision and Crash Data

If your city or state has crash data available digitally, send it our way or point us in the right direction and we'll see what we can do. 

High Definition Aerial Basemaps

High definition fly-overs your city may have invested in can be really helpful in Remix for referencing the ground truth existing conditions as well as sharing screenshots. 

Transit Service Data

Our roots are in transit, so we automatically include transit service data in Remix through your local GTFS (general transit feed specification). 

Transit lines and bus stops in Vancouver, Canada

Experimental / Research & Development Data

Based on feedback from cities, we like to try different experiments to keep us growing and pushing the limits of our technology. Here are a few recent data layers we're exploring. We do not guarantee this functionality or data - these are similar to pilot projects only done in select cities - but we're constantly trying to learn more in these spaces so please reach out to us if a certain layer excites you, you have feedback, or you just want to brainstorm potential ideas. 

Street segment attributes in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Curb inventory data in Oakland, California

Turn count vehicle volumes and chord diagrams in San Francisco, California

3D buildings in San Jose, California

If you have data you would like to visualize in Remix, please contact your Customer Success Manager and they will work with you to accurately display the data.  

Additionally, if you have data that is not in one of the formats mentioned above or you didn't see it on this list, please feel free to reach out. There are no guarantees that Remix will be able to utilize the data, but in our efforts to continuously improve the platform, we would be interested to understand why the data would be useful. 

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