We’re excited to bring you the first new feature of 2019!  All customers who have opted into our new Mapbox GL technology now have the ability to search for stops, routes, places, addresses, landmarks and more.

This article shows how to use the new feature by walking through some common uses.

How can I search?

The search feature can be activated in two ways. You can click on the “Magnifying Glass” in the top right hand corner or press the space bar on your keyboard. 

After activating the feature, the search bar will open up and you’re ready to search!

If you want to close the search bar, either click away from the bar on your project or press the ESC key on your keyboard.

What can I search?

Using your transit data and results from MapboxGL, the search feature allows you to search for:



Note: When you search a stop or route it has the same result as clicking on those items in your normal workflow.


Points of Interests


Note: When you search addresses, points of interests or landmarks, Remix will drop a pin on the map to mark the location.  When you select this pin, Remix will list the nearby active lines in your project and provide the distance to those lines.

We’re excited to see you use this new feature, from the planning offices to the dispatch room. Your feedback is always incredibly important for us, so please do not hesitate to send any observations directly to your customer success managers.

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