We are excited to share with you that we are taking Remix to the next level from a visualization and interactivity standpoint.  We have been working on transitioning to a new base map display technology: Mapbox GL.  We will be working on rolling this out slowly to all users starting next week (Jan 14, 2019), going forward until the end of March 2019.  

This exciting update is mostly a technology transition to enable future features and your experience will mostly remain the same. With the new technology, you’ll notice a few new things:

  • Smoother Zoom - The new map technology helps provide a much more fluid zoom in/out experience which will help get you at the right altitude faster and smoother.
  • Map rotation - You can now rotate the map in any direction! Two shortcut options: either right click + drag the map, or hold control + click on the edge of the map and drag. You can always go back to the default view by clicking the true north arrow button in the bottom right that is now next to the zoom buttons.
  • Sketch Style update - Water, parks, & points of interest/retail will stand out better thanks to an updated color palette. Faint hues of blue, green, and yellow will appear when you zoom closer to the street level in order to add more context to your plans. Following that same goal and coming soon to your city: retail areas will be highlighted in light yellow.

Your feedback is always incredibly important for us to make sure all Remix users will benefit from these updates. Please do not hesitate to send any observations and issues directly to your customer success managers. 

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