Panning/moving/orienting the map 

  • Pan the map: click to grab and drag the map or right/left/down/up arrow keys
  • Zoom: +/- buttons in lower right-hand corner, or scroll wheel on mouse
  • Rotate: hold down Ctrl, click near the edges of the map, and drag to rotate OR shift + right/left arrows
  • Realign to true north: click the north bearing arrow in the lower right
  • A key aligns cross section to plan view

Viewing and modifying street segments

  • Ctrl + Z wil undo and Ctrl + Shift + Z will redo
  • Select multiple segments at a time: hold down the Shift key
  • Add new cross-sections/split a segment: hold down Ctrl and left-click where you want to split the segment
  • Adjust opacity of the street segment to see aerial underneath: Shift + Up/Down arrow
  • Toggle between scenarios: toggle between the   J  and   K  keys
  • Zoom to extent of the scenario: when in a scenario, press   0  to zoom to the full extent of the scenario on the map
  • Align cross-section to plan view: Press the  A  key to shift your perspective on a section to align with the plan view
  • Street grid editor: press the  G  key
  • Ruler: press the  R  key
  • Street elements: press the  E  key
  • Text callouts: press the  T  key

Other tips and tricks

  • To identify which lane you’re on: when you hover over a lane in cross-section, it will highlight in plan view
  • To add street elements: right-click to add in place (trees, traffic signals, etc.) Can also rotate and resize. Make sure you are in a scenario first.
  • Ruler tool: right-click when you’re in a scenario.
  • If street segments are not selecting or data is not showing up: make sure your zoom level ≥ 15 (look for “z15” or higher in the url)


  • To save a viewport: SHIFT + (any number 1-9) (also overrides any existing viewports)
  • To return to that viewport: (that same number 1-9)
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