As of April 2018, Remix has incorporated two new methods of costing: cost by vehicle type and cost by operating company.  This new functionality will allow agencies to attribute different costs to different vehicles and/or operators, and then assign them to lines in Remix.  This will allow for more accurate costing and the ability to filter service by a particular vehicle or operating company.

To utilize this new functionality:

  1. Click on the Settings tab on the left side of the platform.  Here you can see the costing menu will give you the option to “Cost by vehicle” or “Cost by operating company.”

2. Once selected, you can then edit the default vehicle type or create a new vehicle type.

3. As new vehicle types are created, they can then be assigned to particular lines by clicking on the newly created settings tab in the line view.

4. Once vehicle types are assigned to different lines, Remix users can then filter according to each vehicle type by clicking the “filter” button at the top of the map view box.

Remix will use these settings to calculate costs based on user input. If a type of vehicle is not chosen for each line, it will utilize the vehicle type indicated as "default." These settings will also be visible in the "line attributes" export.

Note that you can also access the cost settings in the line view, which will take you to the cost settings panel on the left side of the screen.

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