What is GTFS?

GTFS, or the General Transit Feed Specification, is a standard for describing a transit agency’s service. It’s written in a format that allows software, such as Google’s online trip planner (and Remix), to display transit schedules to users.

A GTFS is a series of interdependent plain text files, each of which has a different attribute of a transit agency’s service. Google has a reference that describes each file here. Six files are required; many more are optional. Your agency may need to use one or more optional files that Remix GTFS does not yet include.

In the past, you could export frequency-based GTFS from a Remix map. This GTFS was intended for use in high-level analyses, but it didn't contain data about specific trips. Trip-based GTFS has replaced the frequency-based option and contains trip-level data for finer-grained analysis. Download trip-based GTFS from the Export pane on any map to get a GTFS feed based on the routes and trips in that map.

Can I use Remix trip-based GTFS for Google Transit or other trip planning software?

Though trip-based GTFS from a Remix map contains the required files for acceptance into trip planning software like Google Transit, there are limitations to the data within those files. Sending the GTFS export directly to trip planners may result in an inaccurate representation of your agency's schedule.

  • agency.txtcontains placeholder text not unique to your agency.
  • calendar.txt contains placeholder service IDs not unique to your agency’s service periods.
  • calendar_dates.txt , an optional file containing service exceptions, is not present.
  • routes.txt contains route_ids generated by Remix that may not match route_ids in outputs from your agency's other software.
  • Stops not enabled along lines in the related Remix map will not appear in stops.txt  or stop_times.txt .
  • stops.txt  and trips.txt  do not contain optional fields related to wheelchair or bicycle accessibility.

Note: Several agencies with simple service periods (e.g., only weekday/Saturday/Sunday service types) have used modified versions of Remix trip-based GTFS in trip planning software successfully.

Can I import Remix trip-based GTFS into my agency's other software?

It depends on the requirements of the software. Consult your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

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