You can use Remix to create an entirely new route from scratch. Then visualize the route, costs and resources associated with your new service. 

Creating a new line 

Here are the key steps for creating a new line in Remix. 

Add the new line to the map

Start by clicking the “+” button in the top right hand corner of the screen. You’ll see a new schedule window open up with a default name and color. You’ll also notice a diamond or “pin” on your cursor. In this example, I've also renamed my line to be called "New Line"

Pins are important as they help Remix understand exactly where you'd like your line to go. You can place as many pins as you'd like. They're also easy to move (click and drag) or remove (click once). By removing pins, the line will try to find the fastest path between the two nearest pins. 

Start drawing by dropping a pin

Begin drawing your line by navigating your cursor to the desired starting point on the map. Once you’re in the correct spot, place the “pin” by clicking the left button on your mouse. When the pin is placed, you’ll notice the gray pin turn the color of your schedule window. We call this "drawing mode". The pins will snap to the street, unless you hold down the "shift" key, which lets you place pins freehand.  

Start placing pins to create your line

When in drawing mode, your line will follow your cursor around the map. Note the line will also snap to the existing street network (It recognizes one way streets, etc.). Also notice how the line will "find" nearby bus stops and associates them to the line (the orange bus stop icons). You can always deselect these stops later. 

Continue to use your mouse to guide your new line along the street network. As you are drawing, place pins along your route by left-clicking. When you place a pin, you have secured that segment of the line on the map. (Without placing pins, you might notice your routes moving around all over the screen)

Finish Drawing to end your line

When you are finished drawing, click the red Finish Drawing bubble. The red bubble text will change to End. At this point, you will no longer be in drawing mode and your cursor will be free to move (without a line following it).

Modifying an existing line

The steps for modifying an existing line build upon what we've just learned.

Extend the line

To extend a line past its current endpoint, click on the Click to Extend bubble. You'll return to drawing mode where you can place pins to draw your extended line. When you're done drawing, click on Finish Drawing to exit drawing mode. 

Shortening the line 

If you'd like to reduce the line's length, you can remove pins by clicking on them individually. Note that by removing a pin, the line will delete itself back to the next pin. Keep deleting pins until you reach the desired line length. You can always click and drag the last pin around if you need to make small adjustments to the line's end. 

Changing the alignment

You can modify the middle of a line by holding and dragging pins towards your preferred alignment. In this example, you'll see that I am slowly dragging the pin towards Washington Avenue. I'm required to move a few pins to ensure the line goes where I'd like. 

Fixing common errors 

You may find yourself in a situation like this where lines are everywhere. Here are two suggestions:

  1. Make sure that the pins are on the correct side of the street. Since Remix tries to route lines between two pins, if a pin ends up on the wrong direction of the street, Remix will do its best to find a way to get there. This may result in a very long, circuitous line. Another common example: if a pin is accidentally placed on a freeway instead of the overpass (or vice versa).
  2. Remove pins: Sometimes by eliminating pins, the line will slowly untangle itself. However, you'll want to do this with caution to ensure you do not change a segment of the line that you'd like to retain. 

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