What is GTFS?

GTFS, or the General Transit Feed Specification, is a standard of expressing transit service for consumption by software (like Remix or Google Maps). Each attribute of an agency's transit service is written as a series of related plain text files, and these files are zipped together to form a GTFS file.

To make your agency's routes appear in the Import pane in the Remix platform, we need your GTFS file.

Where do I get my GTFS file?

Many agencies publish their GTFS at a public URL. If this is the case, our Data Operations team has likely found it and processed it, and your service should be available when you create a map in the platform.

Some agencies do not publish their GTFS publicly. If this is the case, we'll ask you for your GTFS soon after you sign on with Remix.

How do I update my agency's GTFS in Remix?

If you notice your agency's transit service is out of date when you import your lines into a map, let us know, and we'll work with you to find your latest GTFS file.

We strongly recommend you post your GTFS at a public, static URL, as this will allow us to pull a new version automatically every time it's updated.

What if my agency doesn't have GTFS?

Depending on the size of your agency, we may be able to help you build your transit service from scratch in Remix! Your Customer Success Manager will let you know if that's an option.

If your transit data is available in another format, such as a GIS shapefile or TransXChange file, we may be able to process it so we can display most or all attributes of your service in Remix. Send the file(s) to your Customer Success Manager and we'll investigate.

What if I want to see more than one version of my agency's transit data in the Import pane?

Many agencies like to see past versions of their transit service or ancillary services (like school bus routes) for analysis purposes. If you have that data in GTFS format, let your Customer Success Manager know, and we'd be happy to make it available for you to import. 

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