Remix does not currently produce high resolution imagery in the platform. However, we can often assist with this type of request. 

High res imagery can be created for any view that you can produce in Remix, including satellite imagery. 

Please email the map link and screenshots of the views that you'd like captured to your Customer Success Manager and we'll get back to you on what is possible and lead times. 

You can view a sample gallery of high resolution imagery here.

High resolution imagery - self serve workaround option

If you'd like to explore creating high resolution imagery on your own, the tools you'll want to use in conjunction are:

The process requires a reasonably powerful graphics card as we will be  taking "screenshots" at a high zoom level and stitching them together.

The steps are:

  1. In Chrome, install Full Page Screen Capture and then re-start the browser. This will add a "Camera" shaped icon in the upper right of the browser window, which we will use to capture the high resolution map:
  2. Visit, and ensure you are logged in
  3. Download this HTML file and then open it in Chrome
  4. The file will load an extremely large "simulated monitor window" with Remix inside. You can use the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the page to navigate around this simulated window.
  5. Use the scroll bars to move to the center of the simulated window and select a map from your list of maps.
  6. Use the keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys to pan and + and - keys to zoom) to position the map within the simulated window. Normally you will want to zoom to the highest level possible while keeping the desired view within the simulated monitor.
  7. If you want a particular line to be displayed, use the scroll bars to move to the far right of the simulated window and select the line to display.
  8. Click the camera icon for Full Page Screen Capture on the upper right of the Chrome browser window and wait while it pans the view and stitches the tiles into a large image.
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