If you're noticing something wrong with your basemap such as:

  • Outdated streets names or segments
  • Inability to route transit lines down certain segments
  • Inability to make certain turnsĀ 
  • Outdated satellite imagery

it may be related to our basemap and imagery provider. We use Open Street Map (OSM) for our streets data and routing. OSM is like the Wikipedia of maps, meaning anyone can make an update or change.

Our routing takes into consideration lane directionality and bus-only facilities to determine where a bus could drive along the street grid. If there is an error in the map, you can make the modifications directly to OSM! Check out this video to learn how.

All changes will be reflected in Remix after they have been checked for quality assurance by the OpenStreetMap community and Mapbox.

For issues related to satellite imagery, we'll need to consult with our partners at Mapbox. For these issues or if your OSM changes are not being reflected in Remix, let your Customer Success Manager or email us at team@remix.com. Please include details on the specific error and where it's occurring on the map (include screenshots and map links).

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