How are the line directions selected in Remix?

Remix uses the inbound and outbound labels to describe both directions of a transit line. For imported routes, we refer to the route's direction ID from the GTFS feed, which is a "0" for outbound or "1" for inbound. If an agency doesn’t have direction IDs in the GTFS feed, Remix creates them on the import. 

What if my directions are reversed?

If your agency imports into Remix and all of the directions are reversed, simply let our team know and we can quickly reverse them within the platform. You can also swap directions of individual lines and patterns as shown below.

Can I rename them?

You may find that upon import, the line name are either flipped, or that "inbound" and "outbound" don't accurately characterize the line. Fortunately, it's very easy to update the line direction label. Simply click on the box and type in the new label and it will save automatically.

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