Remix Users can copy and send any map URL to other Remix users, or to members of the public. 

  • When another user Remix user opens your URL, if they are logged into the platform, it will offer the option to "Make a copy" of the map. They will be unable to make changes to the map until they make their own copy.
  • When a member of the public opens your URL, the map will load in a view-only state.  The view only state will display demographic information for your map, but not operational information.

Advanced: Specifying Active Map Layers and Isochrone position

You can also specify an exact map state in the URL link. The technique basically involves adding additional parameters into the map URL.

1. Jane's exact Isochrone position

To do this, you can append 


to the end of a Remix URL.


2. Active map layer



to the end of a Remix URL and choose the corresponding layer name:

  • pop_n_jobs_density
  • population_density
  • jobs_density
  • minority_density
  • no_vehicle_density
  • senior_density
  • under_18_density
  • people_with_disabilities_density
  • lep_density


3. Whether the Line Detail box on the right is expanded


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