Bus stop ridership data is one type of custom layer in Remix. To bring it into the platform we'll need some help getting it into the right format for display.

Here's an example where we are showing volumes of boardings by different shades of green. 

To add bus stop ridership data to Remix, we'll need either a shapefile or a spreadsheet containing your bus stops. That file will need to meet following criteria:


  • Point-based vector
  • Have attribute columns containing ridership data
  • Standard projection (EPSG: 4326, WGS 84)


  • Must contain Coordinates or Remix Stop Ids
  • Have attribute columns containing ridership data
  • Information should be combined into one tab

Your Customer Success Manager at Remix will work with you to bring this data into Remix!

Here's a bit more detail on the criteria:

1. Point-based shapefile

  • The shapefile should contain the bus stops as point objects. Note: This is a notable difference from most other Remix custom layers, which require polygon-based shapefiles.

2. File must contain only one tab or attribute table

  • Should only contain one record for each physical bus stop. Ridership data must be aggregated by bus stop. Should only have one row per stop in your system.

3. Attribute column containing ridership data

  • At a minimum, there should be one attribute column containing your numerical ridership data.
  • You can include weekday/Saturday/Sunday ridership in separate columns.
  • You can include boarding/alighting data in separate columns.
  • Additional attribute columns will make no difference to the custom layer; they can be included or excluded.

4. Inform your Customer Success Manager of shapefile projection

  • If the shapefile is not projected in WGS 84, then you will need to disclose the current projection of your data to your customer success manager. This is an important step in order to ensure that your data is accurately displayed in Remix.

Above is and example of a valid spreadsheet/attribute table. The information we're using includes Remix Stop IDs and Coordinates along with Average Daily Boardings and Alightings ridership data.

Important details to include upon sending us your file:

  • Based on the file you send, for each column that you'd like added as a layer, please specify: Layer title: e.g. "Daily boardings by bus stop", Layer description: e.g. "Count of boardings", Optional - Legend cut-offs: (e.g. <14 boardings, 14-54 boardings, etc.). Unless we hear from you, we'll automatically choose cut-off boundaries  for the different colors.
  • If the data is sensitive, please let us know and we can ensure it is only viewable from your organization.
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